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Wonder Parties

A complete party experience in the heart of Transylvania, combining music, fun and excitement in a dreamlike atmosphere, a night of joy and energy lasting until dawn, with:

  • Exceptional guests: live opening performances of various bands and artists
  • International acrobats
  • Mega-surprises
  • Exquisite cuisine
  • Enchanting venue

It is never too early to book your place at the most exclusive parties in Cluj

We are looking forward to you joining us for unforgettable parties where music, fun and excitement keep you dancing all night long. We will have fun until morning, when the sun starts to rise.

Wonder Family Fest - Zile de Poveste!

02 Aug 2024

Invitat: Invitați speciali

Preț de la 200 lei
Wonder Events Fair

20 Nov 2024

Invitat: Invitați speciali

Preț: 20 lei
Party de Ziua Națională

30 Nov 2024

Invitat: Theo Rose

Preț: de la 68 lei
White Sensation Party

25 Dec 2024

Invitat: Special Guest

Preț: de la 68 lei
The Greatest Gatsby Party

31 Dec 2024

Invitați: Ștefan Bănică, Lavinia Pîrva & Band

Preț: de la 890 lei
The Craziest Pyjamas Retro Remix Party

01 Jan 2025

Invitați: Ștefan Bănică, Lavinia Pîrva & Band, Geo Da Silva live in the mix

Preț: de la 80 lei

Flawless service and professional staff

Our team can translate any dream of yours into reality. The thousands of events we organized over time, with themes varying from the wildest to the most elegant, are testimony to that.

Our team members will be at your service throughout the event, totally dedicated to organizing your event in a way that gives you peace of mind.